Introducing The 2020 Guide Astrology of Happiness

book cover to the 2020 guide astrology of happiness

The 2020 Guide Astrology of Happiness

Do you dread waking up to the headlines?

Do you live through every day feeling like the life’s being sucked out of you by a harsh, bewildering world will never be the same?

You may or may not have realized it – but we are living through a profound turning point in human history.

I believe you carry the great power of being somebody who was born at this time to help humanity during this most chaotic and stressful of times with your unique, powerful gifts.

Since you’ve been drawn to look at this out of the millions of book titles online right now, I believe that the following is probably true about you:

  • You’ve never quite fit in, never “belonged,” yet crave authentic connection
  • If we were dogs, you and I would recognize each other as “pack.” 
  • You feel you’ve been born for this particular time, to be the change the world needs or to advance technology for the betterment of Earth
  • Your life is deeply unusual in some way 
  • Daily life seems harder than it seems for most people because you feel a different purpose in life 
  • You have exquisite sensitivity to other people’s pain and trauma 

In The 2020 Guide: Astrology of Happiness, you will find practical, lighthearted ways to guide your sensitive, finely tuned soul through these troubling times and beyond. You will discover HOW to transform these powerful, historic transits into positive personal and cultural evolution via: 

  • Empowering archetypal stories for these times
  • Astrology that gives meaning to these wildly sacred events
  • Practical tips on how to use top level Happiness Science research
  • Exciting stories from history during similar Astrological transits
  • Mythical stories that illuminate the human condition
  • Everyday enchantment that shows us HOW to transform these powerful, historic transits into positive personal and cultural evolution. 
  • Reminders for how we can deepen that smile, from the inside out, in the midst of cultural revolution. 

“You can predict what will happen or you can create what you want.” Cesar Milan, The Dog Whisperer

Start living now with a much better understanding of your exquisite contribution to humanity during these tumultuous times. Get your copy of this uplifting guide as part of your commitment to living fully in your deepest purpose today!

Discover the secrets to embodying these times with radical radiance by clicking here👇🏻

book cover to the 2020 guide astrology of happiness

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