2020 Guide Astrology of Happiness Dedication and Prologue

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For Chloe Ann, my first grandchild.

May you always feel loved in exactly the way you need it.  

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The moon was full and magnificent over the Las Vegas desert that night. I could see her from my hotel window. She neither judged nor recoiled from the bloody, corpse strewn field below. She was my hope. The moon reminded me that only a few miles away in the desert, bugs were emerging from their tiny burrows, nocturnal animals were going about their lives, completely oblivious to the nightmare unfolding on the Vegas strip, as police reports continued to confirm the spreading pandemonium. 

On October 2, 2017, I was in Las Vegas during the infamous Route 66 Concert. On my flight from Atlanta a couple days before, I sat with people who positively hummed with excitement over finally getting to relax, listen to live music, and party at this historic event. The cheerful man sitting next to me jubilantly told me about his beautiful new wife and step-kids, his new job, how elated he was to have relocated to Vegas from Detroit. They couldn’t wait to meet up with their friends at Route 66. As we touched down at McCarran, we waved goodbye as he took a phone call from his wife. I felt the love coming out of this man for his wife, family, and friends. I still wonder if they’re alive and well. 

I thought about these same people I’d connected with and seen over the past couple of days, my heart aching, as I witnessed the entire massacre from my hotel window at the Luxor Hotel.  Only minutes before, I’d heeded the intuitive nudges I was getting and left the shops at Mandalay moments before they erupted into terrified, often violent lockdowns as the bloody pandemonium spread. As I took the elevator up to my room, a couple came running from the otherwise silent lobby. They were in shock, covered in blood splatter. The woman told how at first they thought it was fireworks, and they looked up into the sky, seeing nothing, but then suddenly seeing people splattered with gunfire falling around them as the band retreated from the stage. People ran to and fro, desperate to escape the sealed concert enclosure. This fortunate found a way out and ran across the street into the Luxor before the doors were locked. 

I asked the woman if I could hug her, in hopes of extending some human kindness, some kind of healing in the midst of their horrible ordeal. I felt the shockwaves as I held this woman who told us the story about what was going on downstairs at that very moment.

Only love empowered me to chat over the phone with my youngest the entire night through, telling him jokes and stories while inwardly I feared exploding into dust at any moment. We were on lockdown from a car bomb threat down below in the parking garage and nobody knew what was happening or what group was behind it. It seemed as though civilization itself was falling apart before my very eyes on the Vegas strip as helicopters flew by my window, an endless ribbon of flashing lights from law enforcement lit up the night, and non-stop gunshot reports from a widening circle of venues. (Later, it became clear that these were gunshot victims running from the scene, but at the time nobody knew what was going on, which ramped up the panic.)

My own children had tragically lost their father only 3 years before and I ached at the thought that they might lose me too, powerless to help, except to keep my youngest calm and cool. Thankfully, my other 2 grown children wouldn’t know what was going on until the morning after, when the lone gunman finally turned on himself, ending the massacre. 

Even now, writing this, I feel my heart constrict. Tears well up. My stomach is tight. Everything hurts. But I know how to disperse this horrible feeling in less than the time it takes to brush my teeth, replacing it with an inner smile that soothes body and soul. You will too, by the time you’re done reading this book. 

In my fervent quest to feel genuine Happiness again, I’ve been privileged to meet with wise people, shamans, healers of seemingly every kind. Astrologers, teachers, scientists, Happiness researchers, particularly the group at Berkeley’s Science of Happiness course, a free offering online that I can’t recommend highly enough. 

Allow me to share what I’ve learned.

With the global transformations we’re experiencing, we need the kind of imagination that dares to transcend consensus reality and place our attention on something wonderful that sings to our souls. 

My hope is that this simple guidebook will provide a toolkit for every soul who has always felt like they don’t fit in, is unusually sensitive to the world around them, wonders why they’re here, yet deeply wants to assist in humanity’s evolution. In short, I’m writing this for My Tribe. 

I like to imagine a huge body of water rippling with Joy, higher imagination, genius, and love flowing from each of us. What could the world be like if all of us radiate self-possessed JOY as we let go of consensus reality and dive into what our soul’s are urging us to do?

Let’s go make some magic. 

Click on my book cover to pick up your copy and begin this journey with me and our growing community of outliers, misfits, empaths, artists, and people who know they were born at this particular time to assist humanity in making this epic evolutionary leap. ❤️

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2020 Guide Astrology of Happiness Table of Contents

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The 2020 Guide: Astrology of Happiness

This is my baby, my project over the past year that has transformed me more than any labor of love so far, except the births of my children. I hope you enjoy it and that it serves your ongoing personal evolution in joyous, powerful ways.

I absolutely love getting to stand with a book in my hands, riffling through the pages, and getting to peruse the table of contents. How else are you going to know what’s really inside?

As a courtesy, I’m providing the Table of Contents. Please let me know how this lands with you. I’m receiving amazing feedback so far and couldn’t be more grateful.

Please allow me to present:

The 2020 Guide Astrology of Happiness

By Lori Randall Stradtman, best-selling author of Online Reputation Management For Dummies (Wiley 2012)  Learn more about at Social-Media-Design.

Table of Contents


  • Googling “Good” Tops 2018 Searches
  • Introducing The 2020 Guide: Astrology of Happiness
  • Embracing Massive Empowerment
  • Getting the Most out of this Book
  • My Sneaking Suspicions about You
  • Sharing My Highest Hopes

Chapter 1: Getting Familiar with Astrological Terms: A Glossary

  • Introduction
  • Slicing Into Our Cosmic Pizza
  • Introducing the Planets/Luminaries
  • Discovering the Signs of the Zodiac
  • Taking a Turn through our Western Zodiac
  • Learning about the Houses
  • Defining Astrological Terms

Chapter 2: Anticipating The Unforeseen: Uranus in Taurus

  • Introduction
  • Using our Astrological Decoder Ring
  • Gold Fever!
  • Flirting with Disaster
  • Overcoming The Great Depression
  • Magnetic Pole Dancing
  • Stepping into Healing
  • Tracking Solar Minimus
  • Appreciating Awe, Wonder, and Beauty
  • Walking into Awe from Anywhere
  • Alchemizing via… Laughter
  • Singing Shamanic Spells: Tripping A Little Light Fantastic

Chapter 3: Becoming Our Own Healer: Chiron in Aries

  • Introduction
  • Understanding Chiron, Our Centaur For Wellness
  • Superstar!
  • Becoming our own Healer
  • Recovering Hope for a Lost Generation
  • Remembering the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly
  • Discovering Antarctica
  • Entertaining Fool for Thought
  • Ceasing the War on Indigenous Americans
  • Taking a Closer Look at Reconstruction
  • Clearing a Way for Kindness
  • Studying the Kindness “Ripple Effect” 
  • Taking Meaningful, Positive Action
  • Introducing a “Handy” Tale of Empowerment
  • Greeting the Handless Maiden

Chapter 4: Embarking On A New Era: Saturn Conjoins Pluto

  • Introduction
  • Appreciating Saturn and Pluto Synergy
  • Adding to our Understanding
  • Fast Tracking our Well-Being
  • Revisiting The Great War
  • Curiously Contagious Contortions
  • “Rome”ing Thoughts
  • Challenging a Profiteering Pontiff
  • Unearthing Dirty Deeds
  • Reflecting on Current Events
  • Sneak Peek 2023: Unmasking New Age Frauds
  • Sidestepping Committee Approval
  • Learning from Cronus’ Titanic Mistake
  • Cultivating “Marvel”ous Thoughts
  • Introducing a Self-Creating Rags to Riches Story
  • Fatima the Spinner and the Tent

Chapter 5: Enjoying Enthusiastic Empowerment: Jupiter Conjoins Pluto

  • Introduction
  • Understanding this Dynamic Duo
  • Beaming Incandescent Hope
  • Looking to a Bright Future
  • Thinking Back to Vietnam
  • Exciting Newsflash from Vedic Astrology
  • Breaking Bad Bonds
  • Embodying Heartfelt Gratitude
  • Remembering Harry Potter
  • Visualizing Lessons with Lupin

Chapter 6: Embodying Buoyant Self-Possession: Jupiter Conjoins Saturn

  • Introduction
  • The Great Conjunction: 
  • Walking Contradiction or Compelling contraction?
  • Beholding the “Star of Bethlehem”
  • Envisioning Victory Beyond our Wildest Dreams
  • Securing East Germany’s “Wall” Overnight
  • Remembering Threatened U. S. Presidencies
  • Spotting the Pattern
  • Experiencing the Power of Social Connection
  • Physically Wired for Connection
  • Touching via the Alchemy of Voice
  • Hugging Happiness
  • Sensing our First-Class Flight Ahead
  • Honoring the Queen of Cuisine: Buoyant Self-Mastery
  • “An Opening up of the Soul and Spirit”
  • Journeying Half Way Around The World
  • Taking a Long Way Home
  • Appreciating her Awe-Inspiring Success

Conclusion: Flowing With Possibility


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Introducing The 2020 Guide Astrology of Happiness

book cover to the 2020 guide astrology of happiness

The 2020 Guide Astrology of Happiness

Do you dread waking up to the headlines?

Do you live through every day feeling like the life’s being sucked out of you by a harsh, bewildering world will never be the same?

You may or may not have realized it – but we are living through a profound turning point in human history.

I believe you carry the great power of being somebody who was born at this time to help humanity during this most chaotic and stressful of times with your unique, powerful gifts.

Since you’ve been drawn to look at this out of the millions of book titles online right now, I believe that the following is probably true about you:

  • You’ve never quite fit in, never “belonged,” yet crave authentic connection
  • If we were dogs, you and I would recognize each other as “pack.” 
  • You feel you’ve been born for this particular time, to be the change the world needs or to advance technology for the betterment of Earth
  • Your life is deeply unusual in some way 
  • Daily life seems harder than it seems for most people because you feel a different purpose in life 
  • You have exquisite sensitivity to other people’s pain and trauma 

In The 2020 Guide: Astrology of Happiness, you will find practical, lighthearted ways to guide your sensitive, finely tuned soul through these troubling times and beyond. You will discover HOW to transform these powerful, historic transits into positive personal and cultural evolution via: 

  • Empowering archetypal stories for these times
  • Astrology that gives meaning to these wildly sacred events
  • Practical tips on how to use top level Happiness Science research
  • Exciting stories from history during similar Astrological transits
  • Mythical stories that illuminate the human condition
  • Everyday enchantment that shows us HOW to transform these powerful, historic transits into positive personal and cultural evolution. 
  • Reminders for how we can deepen that smile, from the inside out, in the midst of cultural revolution. 

“You can predict what will happen or you can create what you want.” Cesar Milan, The Dog Whisperer

Start living now with a much better understanding of your exquisite contribution to humanity during these tumultuous times. Get your copy of this uplifting guide as part of your commitment to living fully in your deepest purpose today!

Discover the secrets to embodying these times with radical radiance by clicking here👇🏻

book cover to the 2020 guide astrology of happiness