Awe, Really? Sublime Monday Motivation

coffee, laptop and booksI know it’s Monday… And that can be tough.

Fortunately, we have an everlasting supply of blissfully transformative power at our disposal any time we want it. (What? Legalizing pot you say? Not exactly, though before I read for him, I smudged a young man who had the most clear energy I’ve ever sensed from someone so young and vibrant. LOL He said he smudges with pot smoke regularly!)

“Awe,” you say, “Come on! Give me something practical.”

Well, you are right, of course. Awe, is one of the most “awe-inspiring” frontiers of scientific inquiry in recent years. It turns out that “the feeling of being in the presence of something vast and greater than the self, that exceeds current knowledge structures” actually transforms our lives and creates a positive ripple effect into our communities.

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Awe, Wonder, and the Sublime

Up until 1757, the experience of Awe had always been cataloged as a religious experience. And, quite frankly, there might have been some theological turf wars concerning whose Awe was better than whose. This is human history over the past few millennia, but we could be in store for a much lighter, more mutually respectful, egalitarian age very soon.

In 1757, an Irish philosopher by the name of Edmund Burke published his treatise on aesthetics. He brilliantly liberated the ideas of Beauty and the Sublime from dusty religious tomes and democratized what we humans have known all along: that a sunset over the water can make our hearts swell and our knees go weak. Standing in the midst of enormous trees can overflow our senses in the most exquisite, never to be forgotten way.

Vastness, infinity, magnificence… they play on our nerves, activating even our fear of death. This, the sublime, transforms us. It upgrades our brains and enlarges our sense of being, our connection to “the knowing field,” as it is referred to in Constellation work. (For more, check out:

For some light reading, we could check out A Philosophical Enquiry into the Origin of Our Ideas of the Sublime and Beautiful, by Edmund Burke. But, simply speaking, I’ve never met anybody who didn’t come joyfully undone in the presence of profound beauty in nature.

Having served as a doula for mothers giving birth over the years, I can say that at the moment of birth, something miraculous charges the atmosphere.It’s as if time stands still, the veil opens, and becomes a part of you if you let it. Some of the best moments of my life have been nurturing a woman through childbirth. It’s been exquisite awe, wonder, and beauty of human spirit. Just last week I accompanied my daughter and son-in-law through the awe-inspiring, sublime experience of childbirth. An hour ago, I watched the sunset while cuddling my grand daughter. There are no words… heart overflowing.

“Let’s talk about this really fascinating family of experiences that really center upon feelings of beauty, the sense of the sacred, and then the experiences of awe. It’s this incredible landscape of human sentiment and emotion that have really been a focus for a long time in thinking about who we are but scientists have only attended to recently.”Dacher Keltner, Ph.D., Director of the Berkeley Social Interaction Lab

What experiences, landscapes, or items have induced feelings of awe in you?

Can you bring up the memory of somebody who has given you that feeling? How would you describe this “awe”some experience, not just physically but also emotionally? Did it inspire you to create or do something?

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Wonder Blasts The Soul

White mountain NH

Wonder blasts the soul – that is, the spiritual – and the skeleton, the body – the material. Wonder interprets life through the eyes of eternity while enjoying the moment, but never lets the moment’s revision exhaust the eternal.”

Ravi Zacharias, Recapture The Wonder

We’re feeling the changes:

Brexit, globalization run amok, elections run via foreign bots driving public opinion. 

I won’t bore you with more of what you already know. 

I want to present a vision of something exciting and empowering.

What would it be like if the Universe was conspiring to help us really come into our own, built in power and authority? Never before in human history have we been presented with such a compelling series of transits, set in a hyper-connected digital world while personal loneliness is epidemic. 

Instead of hiding under the covers for the next couple years till this all blows over, we have a supremely potent opportunity to evolve by using these very same hugely transformative energies. I will be sharing exactly how to do that as we go through each transit. 

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2020 Guide Astrology of Happiness Dedication and Prologue

Etched image of the sun 2020 Guide Astrology of Happiness


For Chloe Ann, my first grandchild.

May you always feel loved in exactly the way you need it.  

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The moon was full and magnificent over the Las Vegas desert that night. I could see her from my hotel window. She neither judged nor recoiled from the bloody, corpse strewn field below. She was my hope. The moon reminded me that only a few miles away in the desert, bugs were emerging from their tiny burrows, nocturnal animals were going about their lives, completely oblivious to the nightmare unfolding on the Vegas strip, as police reports continued to confirm the spreading pandemonium. 

On October 2, 2017, I was in Las Vegas during the infamous Route 66 Concert. On my flight from Atlanta a couple days before, I sat with people who positively hummed with excitement over finally getting to relax, listen to live music, and party at this historic event. The cheerful man sitting next to me jubilantly told me about his beautiful new wife and step-kids, his new job, how elated he was to have relocated to Vegas from Detroit. They couldn’t wait to meet up with their friends at Route 66. As we touched down at McCarran, we waved goodbye as he took a phone call from his wife. I felt the love coming out of this man for his wife, family, and friends. I still wonder if they’re alive and well. 

I thought about these same people I’d connected with and seen over the past couple of days, my heart aching, as I witnessed the entire massacre from my hotel window at the Luxor Hotel.  Only minutes before, I’d heeded the intuitive nudges I was getting and left the shops at Mandalay moments before they erupted into terrified, often violent lockdowns as the bloody pandemonium spread. As I took the elevator up to my room, a couple came running from the otherwise silent lobby. They were in shock, covered in blood splatter. The woman told how at first they thought it was fireworks, and they looked up into the sky, seeing nothing, but then suddenly seeing people splattered with gunfire falling around them as the band retreated from the stage. People ran to and fro, desperate to escape the sealed concert enclosure. This fortunate found a way out and ran across the street into the Luxor before the doors were locked. 

I asked the woman if I could hug her, in hopes of extending some human kindness, some kind of healing in the midst of their horrible ordeal. I felt the shockwaves as I held this woman who told us the story about what was going on downstairs at that very moment.

Only love empowered me to chat over the phone with my youngest the entire night through, telling him jokes and stories while inwardly I feared exploding into dust at any moment. We were on lockdown from a car bomb threat down below in the parking garage and nobody knew what was happening or what group was behind it. It seemed as though civilization itself was falling apart before my very eyes on the Vegas strip as helicopters flew by my window, an endless ribbon of flashing lights from law enforcement lit up the night, and non-stop gunshot reports from a widening circle of venues. (Later, it became clear that these were gunshot victims running from the scene, but at the time nobody knew what was going on, which ramped up the panic.)

My own children had tragically lost their father only 3 years before and I ached at the thought that they might lose me too, powerless to help, except to keep my youngest calm and cool. Thankfully, my other 2 grown children wouldn’t know what was going on until the morning after, when the lone gunman finally turned on himself, ending the massacre. 

Even now, writing this, I feel my heart constrict. Tears well up. My stomach is tight. Everything hurts. But I know how to disperse this horrible feeling in less than the time it takes to brush my teeth, replacing it with an inner smile that soothes body and soul. You will too, by the time you’re done reading this book. 

In my fervent quest to feel genuine Happiness again, I’ve been privileged to meet with wise people, shamans, healers of seemingly every kind. Astrologers, teachers, scientists, Happiness researchers, particularly the group at Berkeley’s Science of Happiness course, a free offering online that I can’t recommend highly enough. 

Allow me to share what I’ve learned.

With the global transformations we’re experiencing, we need the kind of imagination that dares to transcend consensus reality and place our attention on something wonderful that sings to our souls. 

My hope is that this simple guidebook will provide a toolkit for every soul who has always felt like they don’t fit in, is unusually sensitive to the world around them, wonders why they’re here, yet deeply wants to assist in humanity’s evolution. In short, I’m writing this for My Tribe. 

I like to imagine a huge body of water rippling with Joy, higher imagination, genius, and love flowing from each of us. What could the world be like if all of us radiate self-possessed JOY as we let go of consensus reality and dive into what our soul’s are urging us to do?

Let’s go make some magic. 

Click on my book cover to pick up your copy and begin this journey with me and our growing community of outliers, misfits, empaths, artists, and people who know they were born at this particular time to assist humanity in making this epic evolutionary leap. ❤️

book cover to the 2020 guide astrology of happiness